Our company deals with cooling tower construction as main contractor, which includes the whole design, manufacture, the assembly and installation of it on the site. We provide the necessary equipment, the whole technology system with fan unit and the related control system of the cooling tower. Beside the whole construction of course we provide the maintenance and repair of cooling towers.

We are able not only renovate but increase the efficiency of the old cooling towers after a detailed condition survey.

Our company mainly deals with induced draft, counter flow designed, field erected type wet cooling towers, but on-demand we are able to give offer for other cooling tower types. Each cooling tower constructed by us is customized to meet client’s exact specifications for performance, structure, drift and sound.

Main advantages of our cooling towers:

  • Very good efficiency
  • Less prone to ice formation than other types
  • They are able to long-term, continous operation
  • Quiet operation and good control
  • All elements have proper painting and coating
  • Made of heavy-duty materials

Main technical features:

Water flow rate: 500 - 7000 m3/h

Axial fan diameter: < 15 m

Number of cells: one or more