Multienergex provides effective vibration analysis services for rotating machines to determine the operating and mechanical condition of the equipment. It can be pump, fan, blower, compressor, motor or other rotating machine we help you and design the proper maintenance strategy, create the measurement with the analysis. We create understandable, clear, well detailed reports and trends.

”Our measurements are quickly recovered and has many benefits

Vibration measurement is an effective, non-intrusive method to monitor machine condition which can be very helpful in planning maintenance strategies and can have huge impact on overall plant maintenance cost. A major advantage is that vibration analysis can identify developing problems before they become too serious and cause unscheduled downtime.

Regular vibration monitoring can detect:

  • Deteriorating or defective bearings
  • Mechanical looseness or faults, deformationWorn or broken gears
  • Misalignment and unbalance

 Trending vibration levels can identify:

  • Poor maintenance practices, such as improper bearing installation and replacement, inaccurate shaft alignment or imprecise rotor balancing
  • Improper production practices, such as using equipment beyond their design specifications (for example higher temperatures, speeds or loads).